Joseph Finnegan is a published author and produced screenwriter, who has earned a BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. His work has made it to Ellipsis Zine, Scarlet Leaf Review, Coney Island Film Festival, Bleacher Report, Pro Wrestling Stories, FanRag Sports, and more. In August of 2018, Joseph was hit by a car, after running into the street to try and save someone in the path of an oncoming vehicle. 

Both survived, thanks to Joseph’s efforts, sustaining terrible injuries in the process. Joseph broke both his legs and neck, as well as his pelvis, hip, and back. Despite that, he pushed himself at physical therapy and took his first steps without a walker or cane within five months of the accident. 

Joseph has written a feature film that will see digital distribution on Vimeo and Amazon Prime in late-2020: “Hello, Mr. S.”

“The family and friends of a reclusive writer try to help him move on from a mental breakdown caused by a very sudden breakup.” – HELLO, MR. S – Written by: Joseph Finnegan – Directed by: Anthony Violante